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 Accel tests results

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Accel tests results Empty
PostSubject: Accel tests results   Accel tests results I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 23, 2014 12:23 am

i made some accel tests in the last months, i find this usefull if you want to buy a good car

S Class
R8 LMS Ultra(775OA) - 245kmh HSA   WS
GT3 RS 4.0(799OA)- 241kmh HSA
GT3 RS (790OA) - 241kmh HSA
Mustang Boss 302 '12(783OA) - 241kmh HSA WS
M1 Procar(764OA) - 240kmh HSA
LFA(789OA) - 236kmh HSA
Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster(753OA) - 234kmh HSA
MP4 12C(787OA) - 234kmh HSA
911 Carrera S(777OA) - 234kmh HSA
Mustang RTR-X(796OA) - 233kmh HSA
Estoque(781OA) - 232kmh HSA
959 (761OA) - 221kmh HSA

A Class
Chevrolet Corvette CLE(709OA) - 247kmh HSA WS
Nismo GT-R R34 Z-tune(742OA) - 246kmh HSA
R8 5.2 FSI Quattro(705OA)- 242kmh HSA
911 GT2(996)(747OA) - 239kmh HSA
M1 Procar(749OA) - 238kmh HSA
M3 GTS(740OA) - 237kmh HSA
XKR (749OA) - 236kmh HSA WS
Mustang Boss 302 '12(749OA) - 236kmh HSA WS
V12 Vantage (728OA) - 235kmh HSA
Sesto Elemento(749OA) - 234kmh HSA
SLR McLaren 722(728OA) - 234kmh HSA
Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster(749OA) - 233kmh HSA
GT-R SpecV(R35) (712OA) - 232kmh HSA
DBS(727OA) - 232kmh HSA
Corvette ZR1(741OA) - 231kmh HSA WS
911 GT3 RS(749OA) - 231kmh HSA
911 Carrera S(749OA) - 229kmh HSA
8C Competizione(749OA) - 229kmh HSA
Murcielago LP640(741OA) - 228kmh HSA
Estoque (749OA) - 227kmh HSA
GT500 SuperSnake(749OA) - 227kmh HSA WS
Miura Concept(747OA) - 226kmh HSA
Evora(743OA) - 224kmh HSA
M6 Coupe(749OA) - 222kmh HSA
1 Series M Coupe(722OA) - 220kmh HSA
959 (749OA) - 219kmh HSA
Panamera Turbo(744OA) - 219kmh HSA
Europa S(711OA) - 219kmh HSA
M3 GTR E46(709OA) - 219kmh HSA
Boxster Spyder(722OA) - 219kmh HSA
Miura SV(721OA) - 218kmh HSA
Exige Cup 260(728OA) - 217kmh HSA
Impreza WRX STi(Hatchback)(686OA) - 215kmh HSA
Megane RS(729OA) - 215kmh HSA
Elise(732OA) - 214kmh HSA

B Class
RX-8 '09(599OA) - 221kmh HSA WS
RX-8('06)(599OA) - 219kmh HSA WS
Toyota Supra(599OA) - 217kmh HSA WS
Clio V6(599OA) - 217kmh HSA
Toyota MR2(599OA)- 215kmh HSA
2000GT-R(C10) (599OA) - 215kmh HSA
Golf GTi mk1 (599OA) - 215kmh HSA
Skyline GT-R V-Spec(R34)(594OA) - 214kmh HSA
Pontiac Solstice(597OA)- 212kmh HSA
Lancer Evolution X(599OA) - 212kmh HSA
Z4 M Coupe(590OA) - 212kmh HSA
M3 E92(585OA) - 212kmh HSA
240ZG(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
Camaro SS(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
Mustang Boss 302 '69(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
3.0 CSL Gr.5(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
RX-7 RZ(599OA) - 211kmh HSA WS
Diablo SV(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
911 RSR(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
GT40(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
Countach(599OA) - 211kmh HSA
Cobalt SS(587OA) - 210kmh HSA
F-150 Raptor(599OA) - 209kmh HSA
M3 Sport Evolution(599OA) - 209kmh HSA
A1 Clubsport Quattro(599OA) - 209kmh HSA
Challenger Concept(599OA) - 208kmh HSA
Lancia Delta(599OA) - 208kmh HSA
20V(599OA) - 208kmh HSA
Firebird Formula(599OA) - 208kmh HSA
tC(599OA) - 208kmh HSA
Roadrunner(597OA) - 207kmh HSA
E-type Lightweight (599OA) - 207kmh HSA
Corvette Stingray(599OA) - 207kmh HSA
Escort RS Cosworth(599OA) - 207kmh HSA
370Z(Z34)(599OA) - 207kmh HSA
Escort RS1600 (599OA) - 206kmh HSA
Cobra "Daytona" Coupe(599OA) - 205kmh HSA
Crown Victoria(599OA) - 205kmh HSA WS
Ford Focus RS(599OA) - 205kmh HSA
Camaro ZL1(599OA) - 203kmh HSA
Exige Cup 260(599OA) - 203kmh HSA
Hemi Cuda(599OA) - 202kmh HSA
Impreza WRX STi(Hatchback)(599OA) - 200kmh HSA
M3 GTR E46(599OA) - 197kmh HSA

C Class(all here are 499OA)
Chevelle SS - 205kmh HSA WS
RS4 - 204kmh HSA
RX-8('06) - 204kmh HSA WS
240SX(S13) - 204kmh HSA
Silvia(S15)- 204kmh HSA
200SX(S13) - 203kmh HSA
VW R32 - 203kmh HSA
Clio V6 - 202kmh HSA
Corolla(AE86)- 202kmh HSA
TT RS Coupe - 201kmh HSA
MR2 - 201kmh HSA
MX-5 - 201kmh HSA
Cobalt SS - 201kmh HSA
350Z(Z33) - 201kmh HSA
G35 - 200kmh HSA
2000GT-R(C10) - 200kmh HSA
Solstice GXP - 200kmh HSA
Toyota Supra - 200kmh HSA
Eclipse GS-T -199kmh HSA
IS300 - 199kmh HSA
240ZG - 199kmh HSA
IS350 - 199kmh HSA
Golf GTi mk1 - 198kmh HSA
tC - 196kmh HSA
Skyline GT-R V-spec R34 - 196kmh HSA
Skyline GT-R R32 - 196kmh HSA
A1 Clubsport quattro - 195kmh HSA
GT40 - 192kmh HSA
135i - 192kmh HSA
Impreza WRX STi - 191kmh HSA

D Class(all here 399OA)
Scirocco - 189kmh HSA
Charger R/T - 189kmh HSA WS
Chevelle SS - 189kmh HSA WS
Silvia(S15) - 189kmh HSA
240SX(S13) - 189kmh HSA
200SX(S14) - 188kmh HSA
Eclipse GT - 188kmh HSA
VW R32 - 188kmh HSA
MX-5 - 187kmh HSA
Solstice GXP - 184kmh HSA
IS300 - 184kmh HSA
G35 - 183kmh HSA
2000GT-R(C10) - 183kmh HSA
Eclipse GS-T - 183kmh HSA
IS-F - 182kmh HSA
135i - 176kmh  HSA

If you guys want info about any other car accel, i will try to do a test if i have it

HSA=High Speed Acceleration(RED= bad, Orange = Regular, Yellow= good, Green= Excelent)
WS= Wheelspin may affect a better accel value

Note: Keep in mind that the Forced Inductions will affect the accel distribution, for Example the Blue one improves the Low RPM accel so it lowers the HSA, the Green one improves the High RPM accel so it increases the HSA and the Yellow one keep a balanced accel in the RPMs so it will just accel fine in every shift without any increase or decrease in HSA

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Accel tests results
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